I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


Lots of pictures

I have a Flickr account with 44 pictures of Jordan's first day. I have more pictures... But the ones on this website are nice enough for quality picture printing so my family members can have access. I'll post more soon... You may have to sign up to become a Flickr account member: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reeveskids/

I'm happy to announce my milk just dropped about an hour ago... And Jordan is sleeping very soundly right now. I'm hoping she wakes soon to enjoy her real first meal.

Jordan is here!!

This is long. So if you don't want all the birth details, here's the short version:
Jordan Lee
Born: December 29, 2005
Serious labor: 4 and 1/2 hours
Pushing: 2 pushes for Jordan's entry
Time: 5:06pm
Weight: 7 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 20 1/2 inches
APGAR: 8 and 9

Long version:
So on Tuesday, December 27th, I woke up around 2 in the morning feeling really wierd... Chills, regular contractions and an all around feeling that I was in labor. I walked around the house for 6 hours to keep it going and try to get the contractions stronger. At 8am, my parents came by to say good bye after visiting for Christmas... Until they discovered I felt like I was in labor. They canceled their flight and decided to stick around and wait for Jordan. That was very cool. My brother planned to stay until Friday, so he was around as well.

Randy and I went to labor and delivery where I was monitored, told to walk around and then monitored more. After 4 hours of misery -- strong
contractions that weren't progressing enough -- we went home. I was crushed. Here my parents stayed in town and I was going home still pregnant and uncomfortable. I continued my 2 miles a day walks at the local gym. I felt like I was making progress, but I was afraid to return to labor and delivery. I wasn't up for the heartbreak of being sent home.

I slept little, lived on the recliner in the "man cave" and took many late night walks around the house.

On Thursday, I woke up from a recliner nap and felt very strong contractions. I called the hospital and they didn't make me feel confident about going back there. So I walked around the house hurting until I called the doctor's office. They said I really should go to the hospital. So Randy and I said goodbye and decided to walk around the gym for an hour before going to L&D. When we got there, we quickly discovered that my water had broken... Not completely, but any leaking means you're in for a delivery.

Around 12:40 in the afternoon or so, they fully broke my water and I started working. I'm not a drug-taking type, so I rocked in a chair. I meditated, relaxed around my contractions, moaned.. Randy was expecting me to crush his hand like I did with Cam, but instead I used him to rub my head. That helped a lot. Our nurse was wonderful, she even massaged my feet. Around 4:40 in the afternoon, I felt like things were close, so I moved up for a check -- my only internal check during the major laboring process. It was wonderful they just let me do my thing. Suddenly I went from 8 1/2 centimeters to 10 -- So fast, none of us expected it. My doctor was teaching class until 5pm, so when they called her, she ran in as fast as she could, but I pushed the baby out without anyone telling me to do it. I just had to. Jordan flew out with a couple of pushes and arrived at 5:06pm. I didn't need stitches! Amazing. Her APGAR scores: 8 and 9. Excellent. I was the first to notice that she didn't have a left hand. Randy didn't believe me at first, but immediately, we looked at each other and it was okay. She's going to be fine. I knew that we can help her through this and she was healthy. We felt at peace.

I turned down a shot of pitocin, because I believed breastfeeding would get the job done. But Jordan didn't start sucking immediately like Cameron. We had to cajole her into eating... That didn't help my uterus contract to a smaller size very fast. So while Jordan was doing great... I started bleeding excessively and things got really scary. I got a late shot of pitocin, but that didn't help. I was clotting and at risk of losing my uterus and needing emergency surgery to save my life. So 2 doctors came in (Randy told me this, I didn't know what was going on, I was so scared) and had to push out the clots. The pain was so intense, I can't explain it. I can say that the experience shook Randy to the bone and it took him until the next morning to recover from the scare. I had to get an IV of pitocin to get my uterus solid and help it contract down to a smaller size. It took 2 bags to fully get me into a safe zone. My nurse tells me the early shot of pitocin wouldn't have been enough to prevent this from happening, but I have a little guilt in the back of my head that tells me that all of that horrible experience could have been ignored if I had just accepted the drug in the first place.

Not long after that scary experience, Randy's parents got to the hospital. We gave the rest of the family the all-clear to come to the hospital: my parents, brother, Cameron and Randy's brother. I was shaken and couldn't really get as involved in showing off the girl to everyone. Just as the whole crew got there, Jordan was taken to the nursery for all the statistic taking (weight and height), tests and a bath. So I stayed in the room to recover and try to eat food.

Cameron was so excited, he was stopping people in the hallway bragging about how he was a big brother and showing off her sister Jordan. He couldn't stop gushing in pride... Until I gave him Jordan's "gift" to him: The original Toy Story movie. He'd never seen it before. So he started running around showing that off. And the questions... He had so many questions: When is she going to walk? Can I teach her to sing? When am I going to be a big brother again? How is she going to turn into a boy? Classic stuff.

Can you believe the entire family was there? Incredible. We are so blessed. To have the Florida grandparents, the Washington, D.C uncle, Kentucky grandparents and St. Louis uncle there. Amazing. Just amazing.

We met with a local pediatric orthopaedic specialist who will see Jordan again next month. There is muscle tone in her arm that will help her use sensor prosthetics. We'll have to keep an eye on any overdevelopment of bone and muscle growth as she matures. There is a local prosthetic company that can give us a basic device to help Jordan crawl... After that, we can go for more complicated bionic (that's what we're calling it) arms as soon as she is one years old. If anyone has any more information in prosthetic programs or just programs that will help us make sure we give Jordan every bit of support she deserves, please let us know.

After 24 hours in the hospital, we went home. My first night with Jordan was challenging. She slept so much in her first 24 hours, around midnight today, she realized she hadn't eaten enough... And we fed about every 30 minutes until 5:30 this morning. I'm so dang happy I bought a nesting positioner that helps Jordan lay next to me as I try to feed and sleep at the same time. It ROCKS. Cam is trying to be gentle today... And is trying so hard to play with Jordan. He got a little upset when she wouldn't play with his Buzz Lightyear.

Today, Jordan is resting and eating. I'm hoping we'll be a little more regulated tonight. We'll see. Hopefully, her life will get even more comfortable when my milk arrives.

I've sent out a big email to as many people as I could think of... So if you didn't get the email, let me know and I'll send it to you.


Great time to catch a cold

I picked up a cough the day all of the family got into town... Tonight, the nose started running along with the sneezes. Now I'm afraid I'm going to go into labor and get the baby sick. How stinky is that.

I'm trying so dang hard to bring Jordan into the world. I walked around and shopped with my mom today. I actually spent money on clothes... Something I've avoided for most of this pregnancy. And I decided the baby has to come now because I finally bought a second pair of shoes that fit my swollen feet. I expect my 32 dollars will be put to waste quickly. But they were comfortable enough to make it a little easier to walk my 2 miles today at the gym.

Contractions? Sure. But not regular enough. So we'll just keep waiting.


Yup. Still Pregnant

I can't tell you how nomatter where I go, if I see someone, they have to ask me why I'm still pregnant. The due date is January 7th. I'm obviously fully cooked. Heck, even people are instant messaging me to check to see if I'm still pregnant. That's why my status is now: "Yes. I'm still pregnant." Fewer people are bothering me now.

I took my first full day off from work... I've been working from home. I didn't stop by at all today. It feels a little strange and a bit of a relief.


2 miles a day...

I'm walking two miles a day and I'm still not seeing any constant improvement of these contractions. I'm so darn ready to be done. It's hard to not want to be done.
I'm also trying hard to not obsess. But any time the contractions start up again and feel productive, I start getting hopeful and ready. I'm mentally prepared. The house isn't perfect. But it's ready enough. I'd also love to welcome Jordan into the family before everyone gets here for Christmas. It just seems better to be swamped with family while the baby is here compared to me sitting in a chair like a beached whale.


Hours of walking...

I'm planning on doing a lot of walking in the next week or so. Yesterday's progressive contractions didn't do much at all. I'm still 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. That's not a major change. I dilated a little more, but that's it.

So I'm going to start walking a lot. Tomorrow morning after breakfast, I'm leaving the boys at home and heading over to the gym. After that, I'n going to take a nap. No, who knows what I'll do. I just know I have to push the activity a bit to try and move things along.

Who knows how it will go. But I am feeling more convinced that Jordan is going to wait until the due date... No matter how hard we wish for her to arrive early... It's not going to happen.


Contractions... if only they were big enough

I've had contractions all day... Enough to bother me, but not enough to mean much. We had a "faculty retreat" at the King Kong movie and that kept me a little tense and Jordan obviously scared of King Kong's roar. But no labor. So Randy, Cameron and I walked about the mall this evening to try and encourage the contractions. It continued, but the moment I sat down, things calmed down.

This could be a long, long process.


I may be wrong, but this is a big kid

Jordan is a big girl. She is so heavy! I'm carrying her so low, that it's amazing to think just how big she'll be when she gets here. I pray she'll be early just so the labor part isn't too impossible.

But because I feel so prepared and ready, I have a gut feeling I'm just going to feel oogie for another month. I think she's going to be late like Cameron just because I'm feeling so sure that she'll be early. I'm shooting for January 10, my dad's 60th birthday. He never gets cool birthday gifts... I think Jordan would be a great one.

But because I'm such a mess, I'm trying not to work as hard. I know, easier said than done. But I've been working more from home and leaving early if I can. Today I went in late and left early. I had a massage... And it was wonderful. It's my second in 2 weeks and I'm thinking about going again. I'm not sure. But it's good stuff.

I think I'm going to wrap up some work and head for bed. I love sleep and wish I got more.


Tick, tick, tick

Time is ticking... And it seems like Jordan just drops lower and lower. But what I think is going on is she's just getting bigger and heavier by the day. This will not be a little girl. She will be big... And hopefully very healthy.

I'm having a hard time walking most of the time. But she's moving around and hiccuping and punching and kicking. She's going to be a very active little girl.

Last week the doctor said she expects Jordan to come sooner than later. So we shall see. Randy has given me the go-ahead for prenatal massage. I had a short massage last week. This week I have an hour massage planned. I can't wait.


Okay, Okay... Here's your picture

For those regular visitors who keep begging for a picture... Here you go. This is my belly with Cameron posing as a super hero. I figure I should post it before I give birth. I am an imposing size... And I assume that means Jordan will be quite big as well.


Wow... That's low

So just when I didn't think the girl could go lower... She did.
On Monday I had another doctor's appointment. I asked her if I should start packing my bag... And she said she expects Jordan to arrive sooner than later. She does not expect her to make it by the due date or past the due date. And I'll tell you, I think she may be right. I've been feeling things change, so Jordan could be here soon.

I've been doing on air little spots about our new website -- it launched yesterday: www.komu.com. I feel pretty silly on TV since I'm so large. But it seems to be going well.

I woke up at 4 this morning... And I couldn't sleep after that. I'm hoping I don't have another night like that. My brain is on overload.

I did actually pack for the hospital today... I'm feeling like it has to be done.


All is well

I just wrapped up my class for the week... and went to my doctor's appointment just before that.

I only gained two pounds in the last 2 and a half weeks... which is a miracle. Jordan is measuring LOW... which is obvious. After I was careful about how I walk and sit yesterday, my lower rear pain is much better. We talked about what I'm doing to help with the pain... And as long as I can deal with it, I'm good to keep working and doing my thing as Jordan keeps growing. Plus Randy wants me to get a massage every week before Jordan is born as a Christmas gift. I scheduled an appointment starting next week.

We're officially moving to the time when I have to visit the doctor's office once a week. That's kind of exciting because it means we're wrapping this up. but it also gets tricky when I'm trying to put together doctor's apointments during the holiday season. So next week I actually have an appointment on Monday and Friday just to get our appointment times back on schedule.


Wierd new pain

Yesterday, something happened. I was walking and suddenly, I had a huge, horrible pain in my very, very lower back. More like in the bones of my butt.

Yeah. I just wrote about my butt.

Anyway. I can't seem to shake this pain. At its peak, I really can't walk. It's a HORRIBLE feeling. After doing a web search, I've diagnosed it as posterior pelvic pain... There's a more medical term to it, but why focus on that.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to fix this pain. The websites say I shouldn't move around too much. I don't know if I like that option. We got all of the Christmas lights up today... I had to move at it really slowly, but I survived. But getting up from a sitting position can really hurt.

I see the doctor on Monday. But after researching, my best options to help include buying a maternity belt, prenatal massage and resting more. I found one place that offers prenatal massage. I hope its affordable. But honestly, I don't really care about the price. It's that uncomfortable.

Okay. I'm going to get up and try to walk up to bed. (ow)


Brain overload

I can't sleep. I woke up at 3:50 this morning and I haven't been able to get back to sleep. My head is clogged up. Jordan wiggles around every time I cough. And my brain can't stop thinking about all the things I need to do before I'm too pregnant before the holidays.

I've got most of the boy's presents... I have a few things left to do to decorate Jordan's room. I still need to buy family gifts. The house is a freaking mess and it has to get cleared out before the holidays. I have six-tons of clothing that needs to be donated before the end of the year. I didn't take a refresher course on labor and for some reason that's started stressing me out. The launch for our new website is a week from Monday and I have to look good enough to introduce the site on our air for five straight days. I don't have enough TV-type clothes and my hair needs a BIG improvement before then.

Honestly. I'd rather ignore it all and go to sleep... But I can't because I can't sleep.

Dude. This stinks.


I'm snotty

I caught Cameron's cold... And now I'm all snotty and uncomfortable at a new level. I don't really want to complain much... But heck, I can write what I want in a blog.


I really hate them when I can't take drugs. Then, last night, my ankles and legs started swelling (I probably sat at the computer too long at work). I wanted to go home and eat chicken soup, but I decided that had too much salt in it. So I just drank water and ate a less salty meal.

Anyway. Jordan is moving and grooving... She seems to be spreading out a little more. She gets hiccups more (or I'm noticing them more). She doesn't like my coughing. But I don't like it either. Hopefully I can beat this cold before I'm expected to go on the air the week of December 5th. Yeah. On the air. My boss wants me to introduce our new website to our audience. That's a little wierd. I'm sure everyone will be happy to see the monster pregnant lady on TV.


Strange dream

You know, pregnancy brings many strange things into your life... Including strange dreams. Most aren't that strange... But last night's was so strange, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Okay -- It was probably because I had to go to the bathroom. Anyway... In the dream, I was in labor in a hospital in Boston for some reason. And the room I was in had a bunch of other people in hospital beds. They had other health issues and they were looking at me weird. My contractions were like Braxton-Hicks... they didn't feel very productive. But suddenly I stand up and realize the baby is almost there. I push a couple of times and boom: there's a baby. I delivered her on my own and the nurses just kind of stand around and look amazed. The baby had a head full of brown hair with VERY round brown eyes. Very opposite of Cameron.

It was odd... But the dream got stranger. For some reason, the baby disappears and I'm in a wheelchair looking for her in some mall in Boston. Is there a mall in Boston? Why was I in Boston?

I don't know. Strange, strange dream.


Baby shower day

We just got back from our baby shower. It was mainly a diaper shower party -- Four pregnant women (including me) got to have the party from our co-workers. I got a bunch of diapers and enjoyed the company of many pregnant people. Cameron came along with my cousin and her daugher. Randy hid in the basement watching football. The downside: Cam was having so much fun, he peed all over himself. We had to borrow some clothes from the host's son... Who is MUCH older than Cam. So he was swimming in the clothes.

Oh well. So I'm done with the showers... And now I really need to start focusing on how to get Jordan's room together. If I ignore it, it may be too late!!


Another appointment

So we had another doctor's appointment yesterday.

We get there on time, and I'm told I'm not on the schedule. So we wait FOREVER and decide to just visit with a nurse practitioner. That isn't a big deal.

I didn't gain too much weight in the last two weeks... Which is amazing after Halloween and all that comes with it.

Blood pressure was good... Jordan's heartbeat was 140 beats per minute -- very healthy.

So my doctor doesn't really poke or prod the baby. We were certain Jordan was head down just from where you can find her hearbeat. But the nurse kind of dug down and really smooshed me to feel her head. So I can officially say (even though I knew it already) -- Her head is in my pelvis. She's totally on my right side -- Just like Cameron. I'm not carrying a girl any different from how I carried a boy. Is that a strange thing? I have no idea.

Anyway. I turned in my birth plan -- 4 copies of it -- to my file so every possible human has access to my expectations. Randy reviewed my plans the day before our appointment. He decided to also write a funny version of it. It's so funny I cried in the newsroom as I read it. But I can't share it with too many people. It includes words like induction, augmentation and words that would make college students blush.


I'm starting to understand...

I think I get why some women are willing to schedule inductions. The uncomfort level is already getting to me. I don't know if Cam was the same... I did black out some of the memories of what pregnancy was like.

I wouldn't dare induce if I can help it. But I understand.

The sharp punches are feeling a little more muted, which means Jordan is probably getting bigger and running out of space. I feel comfortable enough to say I'm about 8 weeks away at this point. I have so much that needs to be done before she gets here.

But for now, I think I'm going to take a nap.



Yup. They're here. Right now, I'm feeling hiccups for the first time. She's probably done it before, but I didn't notice it.

By the way, I was at yoga last night and I could do very few positions without serious pain in my pelvic bones. Those poor tendons down there are as stretched as they can be. Of course, they'll have to stretch more in the next 8 weeks or so.

All I can say is -- Wish me luck.


Woah. What is that?

The girl actually can punch me inside my hip bone!! It is one of the strangest and most uncomfortable feelings I know. She is getting strong.
I go to the bathroom all the time already... And this weekend, I had to make the big change: Put the wedding ring on a necklace. My fingers just ain't right.


Waddle waddle

Two people in two different departments at the station decided to notify me of the fact that I am officially waddling.

I know this. I can feel it. But it's so nice to get crap from other people to remind me of how silly I look.

9 1/2 weeks away.

I realize that's not a lot of time. But my body is already laughing at me for needing to hold on that long.


Good appointment for Jordan and I

We had another appointment with the doctor today... We're finally at the point where we need to go every two weeks. I've gained weight... a lot of it is water from all of my travels. I'm hoping to lose some of that when I go back in another two weeks.

Anyway. The heartbeat is strong -- she can't avoid the doppler anymore. There isn't any room to hide anymore. We talked about her placement -- and my doctor said it seemed very obvious that where the heart is, Jordan is head down and VERY low. (Like I didn't know that)

After the standard question and answer period, I started shooting out some questons about what I was hearing about the hospital where I plan to deliver the baby. I had heard that every woman who is in labor is require to wear a port in her arm just in case they need to give her an IV. I won't do that. I just won't. I had Cameron without an IV or the need for an IV. I don't need to bruise the hell out of my arm JUST IN CASE. I told that to my doctor, and she kept asking me to do it. She couldn't convince me. So at least she told me how to sign a waver on that issue and how she'll put information on how I do not want the port in my documents so the hospital knows I won't do it.

I'd also heard that the babies are immediately taken from the mother after birth to go to the warming table. I want the baby cleaned off on my belly and given to me for breastfeeding. I think that's really important to help the body naturally get rid of the placenta. I'd heard they like to give women a shot of pitocen instead. I don't want that. My doctor supported my desire... And we discussed how I would accomplish that. It's all about the nurse I get. Apparently the evening nurses are more open to delivering the baby and placing her on the mother's belly.

So it's very obvious that my birth plan is very, very important. My doctor also said she would try to attend the birth -- she'll put the request for the hospital to page her when I'm in labor. Who knows what will happen. Randy and I agree that it would be more likely she'll be there if Jordan arrives around the due date. If she's early, lord knows who will attend the birth. We'll have to team up together to fight for what we want.

Sad that you have to fight... But I'm not fully open to the idea of going to a birth center. I want a hospital environment for the possible "worst case scenario" but I don't expect we'll need that. I didn't realize how relatively progressive the hospital was in Grand Rapids.


Wow, that's a lot of movement

So Jordan is rocking and rolling in there... I wish I could figure out what is really moving around in there. I think she's in a similar position to where Cam was -- butt up with her back against the wall of my belly. And if that's the case... She's got a lot to say with her hands. She's moving a lot. So much that I can't sleep like I used to. If I get up to go to the bathroom, she wakes up and I'm up for a while because I can't sleep with her dancing and grooving.

I have 10 more weeks to go. That's a lot of time to be sleep deprived.

Good thing I'm a pro at sleep deprevation.


Bathroom visits on the rise

So... I got up 3 times through the night to visit the bathroom. We have 2 months to go and I'm already missing a lot of sleep. Bummer.

Cameron wanted to climb into bed around 5:50 this morning... The pregnant lady wasn't going to allow that one. I was actually so tired, that I had Randy feed the boy so I could sleep a few minutes longer.

Sleep. Glorious sleep. I look forward to getting it again next year sometime.


No more trips for me

I'm so happy to be done with all this flying. My ankles are finally looking human again. I'm exhausted and annoyed from this last trip.

Unfortunately, this whole trip has put me in a sour mood... And I am not digging out of it. I am really behind on the new (and not live) website at work and I'm not probably keeping watch on our old (and currently the only one the public sees) site.


Jordan has been moving around in new ways today. I think she finally stretched out a bit. I've had pain exactly in the same place where Cameron used to stretch and stick his butt out. I'm wondering if she's doing a similar thing.

I do know I'm tired and I have a long 11 more weeks to go. So i'm going to work on resting a bit more and staying home more often so I'm not so tired.


The attack of the killer cankles

Have you ever heard of cankles? It happens when your calf merges with your ankles... And you don't know when one starts and the other finishes.

I've had them before... After our trip to Austin. Well, i have them again here in Orlando... And it's disgusting. I propped them up during a lot of yeterday -- and it still wasn't enough to bring them down.

To make matters worse, I'm heading back on a plane today. So I'll have to deal with this problem getting worse before it gets better. What a bummer.

The upside? I carried onto the plane two HUGE carry-on bags on my way here. I'm only carrying one back with me (HOORAY!). So my travel hom will be a lot easier.


Crazy lady isn't as crazy

Randy and I were talking recently when he realized I'm not as crazy as I was during the last pregnancy. He says he spent a lot of time talking me of the ceiling. I'm just not that crazy this time around.

At least I have that to be proud of.

There's nothing cute about me

So we took Cam to ride on his first homecoming parade... And I was not graceful. Not only was I wearing a really large gold sweatshirt (I was joking that I looked like a large glowing orb), but I fell out of the float when we were getting off. I didn't fall down hard... A kind man was helping me off... But I couldn't stay upright. He kindly guided me down to the ground as slowly as possible. My hips are a little sore and I have a bruise on the back of my leg. But this fall was nothing like the spill I took on the ice when I was pregnant with Cam.

Oh... And the doctor's office called a couple of days ago saying I have iron levels that are a bit low... So I'm taking iron supplements and hopefully I can boost that up. Obviously, I've been tired. At least I have a better idea why -- the combination of a bladder infection and low iron really leave me tired. I will survive.


Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Jordan is on the move. That girl can go! And here's the coolest news of the weeek:

Two mornings ago, Randy finally felt a really big kick or two. That made me very happy.


As Cam says: "Oh Bummer!!"

So I had another doctor's appointment... From now on, we're on the every two weeks schedule.
So, the appointment was going really well... Jordan was avoiding the doppler thing that listens to her heart. She is very healthy, I gained very little weight this past month. And just as we were wrapping things up, it turns out... I have a bladder infection. Bummer. I'd felt a little wierd in the last day or so... SO I'm guessing that's what was wrong. So now I'm doing what I don't like to do while pregnant: take drugs. Hopefully the low-dose antibiotic will do the trick and everything will clear up.

The upside of the day: I'm about to head out of work and hit my yoga class!! Hooray.


Pacifier report confuses me

So there's this new study and recommendation released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They're saying the use of pacifiers in bed cuts the risk of SIDS by 61%. I'm torn here. I really don't like the idea of Jordan becoming dependent on a little plastic thing... But at the same time, the idea of actually preventing SIDS in any way seems like an important idea.

I'm so confused. And tired. And so glad that tomorrow is a yoga day.



Starting to get tired

Today is officially the day I can really say the baby is three months away.

Last weekend, I started working through all of Cam's old baby clothes... And started setting Jordan's room up. The drawers are starting to get full... And I've decided I'll need some headbands and bows with blue on it... Because there are some really cool outfits that are blue.

Cam is curious about the room... And periodically takes toys out of there.

I've handed out three or six bags of clothes to new parents and parents-to-be in the world of KOMU. They're all excited. Here's the interesting thing: I still have a ton of clothes to donate. I can't believe how well dressed Cameron was.


A Soccer Ball in My Belly

Yes. It looks like there's a ball sticking out of my shirt. But still, people are a little worried to assume I'm pregnant. I was talking to a new neighbor (who moved here from Lexington, KY)... And I had to mention our next child when he said -- Oh I was afraid to say something... Probably because I wasn't wearing official pregnancy clothing -- Just a big t-shirt.

Jordan continues to wiggle and kick. Yesterday she was really calm. The kicks weren't very strong. I think it's because we were up late the night before at a concert... So I'm guessing Jordan didn't get the same amount of sleep that she's used to. Anyway. Today it all went back to normal. She's kicking with force again.

It will be interesting to see how it all works out next week. We're going to a three day music festival. She will be OVERstimulated.


Another doctor's visit

I got to go to this month's doctor's appointment. It was kind of cool. In the last month, my doctor and I started participating in a program that is designed for new faculty members. It was kind of a fluke that we were both picked to be a part of the program. Since the first meeting of this group, she was so much more friendly with me... We have a relationship that goes beyond the examination room. As Randy says -- She may actually answer my page when it's time for Jordan to arrive.

Anyway. All seems well. I'm measuring exactly where I should at this point in the pregnancy... Even though I feel much bigger. I was cleared to go on a business trip next month. And I got some tips on how to work on donating the baby's umbillical cord. I was sad when I didn't with Cameron's... I want to make sure that happens with Jordan's birth.

By the way... When I lay on my back, I can watch Jordan dance along my belly. Her kicks and punches are picking up speed. It's a great feeling knowing she's growing.


How low can you go?

I carry babies low. I couldn't say that with Cameron since he was my first. But Jordan is proving it. I carry babies low.

All of Jordans kicks or punches come very low... I can feel my pelvic bone expand. I'm going to the bathroom all the time because there just isn't a lot of room in there.

And I have 4 more months to go!!

Astonishing. I didn't truly document my pregnancy with Cam, so I can't be sure exactly what point I was at when he started to feel uncomfortable.

My mom keeps recommending I stand on my head for a little while... Maybe she'll move up a bit. I can't decide which is better -- a baby who is so high, you can't breathe or a baby who's so low, you can't walk right. I think I'll just deal with the cards that are handed to me.


Okay. That smarts.

I've noticed I tend to carry babies low. I had this problem with Cam and I have a similar situation with Jordan. The problem with this trend is I can feel my pelvic bone stretching. It's a terrible feeling. It's especially uncomfortable when I need to use the bathroom... And that need has taken a step up in recent days.

I assume the fact that the more pain I'm dealing with means Jordan is growing. That's a good thing. I have interesting wiggles and kicks from time to time. But the most I'm feeling is stretching. And I'll be honest. Pelvic bones shouldn't be able to stretch as much as mine does.



Turbulence and Landing

Jordan made it known that she doesn't like turbulence and a hard landing.

My first flight from Edmonton to Minneapolis was bumpy in the end. It was a little wigglier than I enjoyed. I had to hold my belly just to feel comfortable. Then we landed... And just as the plane finally slowed down, Jordan kicked very hard as if she was saying: "What the HELL was that?"

So for the rest of the day, she crowded up on my right side even more than usual.

By the end of all of the travels and we finally got to the car to drive back from St. Louis to Columbia, I noticed my ankles have swollen for the first time in this pregnancy. It's ugly. Really, really ugly.

Hopefully a lot of water and rest this weekend will put everything back to normal.


The smallest traveller

I'm in Canada this week... Training on nerdy computer stuff.
As I was flying I thought about all the places Jordan has been since her conception:
Las Vegas
St. Louis
Edmonton, Canada
Austin (next month)
And if the doctor thinks it's okay: Orlando

That's pretty well traveled. Cameron just had to sit through grad school with me. Jordan gets to train on nerdy computer programs and fly on a lot of planes. She doesn't seem to mind.

But she keeps hanging out on one side -- My right side. She's crammed up in there and doesn't seem interested in moving. It's a little strange... She wiggles and kicks in the same area. My belly is actually bigger on one side than the other. It's not that noticeable to anyone other than myself. But it's obvious to me.

I'm seeing things differently

I've purposefully ignored ads that are targeted towards girls.

Until now.

I was watching cartoons with Cam while we were in Kentucky. We don't normally watch cartoons... So I don't normally watch commercials. I kind of try to avoid those.

Anyway. I was watching the cartoons with Cam when I saw a Barbie pegasus commercial. It was a big horse head that had colorful hair girls could design. I never liked those kind of toys as a kid... I never owned one. That's when I realized I'd have to have conversations about Barbie and colorful toys instead of super heros and cars.

That's going to take some time getting used to.


Another appointment

We had another doctor's appointment today. All is going well. I'm gaining weight at a steady, but not dangerous pace. The blood sugar levels were stellar, my blood pressure: 100/70 -- pretty darn good for a pregnant lady.

Jordan continues to wiggle and kick... She seems awake a lot... But I'm probably just noticing movement in her sleep. I have a feeling she'll be like her brother -- Always on the move, awake or asleep.


More details on Jordan

So... Jordan is very wiggly. She stayed in one spot for 45 minutes but just never stopped wiggling. She kept moving so much that we couldn't get a good look. I remember Cameron being wiggly, but Jordan was a mover and a shaker.

She isn't very big. Right now she's about 9 ounces... 8 pounds less than Cameron's birth weight. She's in the 35th percentile in size. There isn't anything to be concerned about, she just isn't monster in size like her brother.

To be honest. I was just really excited to see a baby with a head with a normal size. Maybe she'll have a head like Mommy instead of Randy's huge cranium.

We're excited to watch my belly grow as Jordan grows. It's very different knowing a name and sex of a new baby before birth. Cameron's surprise was probably the greatest surprise we could have. But it's so cool to watch Cameron feel more connected to his new sister.


It's a GIRL

Yes. We got a chance to meet little Jordan today. I'll try to scan in a picture soon and post it.

She's healthy, amazingly active and due between January 5th and 7th. More to come.


One day away

I'm being silly counting down the ultrasound. But because we're willing to find out if this is a boy or a girl, it's even more exciting. By the time I had my 20 week ultrasound with Cam, I'd had two other ultrasounds... So I'd seen him wiggling around before. I'm also excited to bring Cameron to the appointment so he can see. It may not go well. But I think it will be interesting to Cam. We shall see.


Yoga and wiggles

I started a yoga class last night... Now that I'm moving to days, I'll be able to take evening classes. So I skipped out of work for a couple of hours yesterday to attend the first class. There are a bunch of pregnant women in the class. I have the latest due date by 2 days. We all have bellies and struggled through the first day of exercises. But I already started remembering some of the skills I learned from a similar class from 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Cameron.

On the same day, the baby started much more obvious wiggling. He or she was wiggling and poking every time I sat down and took a breather. It's kind of exciting to finally feel a more physical connection with this little one than just watching my body expand.

Oh, and by the way... The ultrasound is officially 2 days away!


4 days away

The ultrasound is coming. I'm looking forward to meeting Jordan or Kian... That's our girl or boy name. Jordan for a girl or Kian for a boy.

We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert this past weekend. It was strange to feel the music reverberate in my belly. It was strange and I'm sure the baby was rocking. Near the end of the the show, we got up really close to watch and MAN did things shake. I can't feel mega kicks yet, but I think I felt wiggles from time to time.

This won't be our last show. In the next month, we are going to a concert or two in Columbia. And Randy and I plan to go to a music festival in Austin, Texas. This baby will really know how to dance!



Things are growing. I can feel it. It's strange. I don't think I remember being so aware of what it feels as the baby grows. It feels odd... But I like knowing things are going on in there. I haven't felt any crazy kicks lately... Just a few wiggles.


A shocking kick

So... I've kind of thought I've been feeling kicks from time to time. But I was sitting down on the couch with Randy just before bedtime last night... And I made a little stretch... When I feel this *WHACK!!* in my belly. It surprised me so much I yelped. I don't know what I did, but I really upset Baby Z.


We may have a very strong soccer player in there. (But don't tell Randy, he doesn't like soccer)


I just look fat

You know how there's this point where you have to wear big clothes during pregnancy. I'm there. And there's a little belly... But if you don't know what's going on with me, you assume I'm just fat.

I realize I'll get over this. But I just feel large.


A room in the making

Baby Z's room is developing. We moved the crib and rocking chair in... The next step is the changing table/dresser. It's kind of exciting and scary at the same time as we put together this new bedroom. Seeing the crib in a new room makes it very real. Real enough that I think I'm going to go take a nap.


5 weeks to go

I'm getting a little antsy to find out if this little one is a girl or a boy. I didn't feel this way with Cam. It's probably just because we made the big decision to find out the sex of the baby... And that means I know the date and time of when that information will be released. Cameron's birth was reason to be patient (I guess). Anyway. I look forward to that knowledge.

It may be because I'm older or just because I don't remember... But I'm not comfortable when I sleep. I was in Denver this week and I couldn't sleep -- the pillows weren't right, the bed was too hard. I woke up in the morning with the strangest pain in my shoulder. Very strange.

Last night, I drove home late from the airport. I was so exhausted, and yet I woke up every so often to shift positions. I'm not even huge yet and I'm uncomfortable. That's a bad sign of the months to come.

Maybe if I don't dwell it won't be as bad.




We heard it! We even recorded it! The baby is beating and things are going well. I knew things were still going well... But it's still great to hear progress.

Because I'm a nerd, I even recorded the audio and emailed it to as many people as I could thing that would like the audio file.



Big shirts and hot weather

I'm so happy I'm not extremely pregnant this summer. It's thick outside... So thick that your sweat glands start working the moment you set foot outdoors. It's so hot, the dogs don't want to be out there.

I've had some annoying headaches lately... I'm not sure why. It usually happens when I haven't eaten enough. But today, it's still there. I really don't want to take any medicine.

We had family in town and they got to see the ever expanding belly. I like the belly... I think it's kind of big this early. But they were pretty nice about it. I had a former student visit the station earlier this week and she wasn't so nice about the belly. She asked me how far along I was... And commented about how that seemed really big already. Rude. I think the size is obviously a sign of how my body didn't forget about being pregnant a single day.



So I don't really feel sick anymore... Which is awesome. I have energy again.

But I really feel everything stretching. It's wierd. I can actually feel spots where Cam stretched more than others. The body remembers a lot.


Feeling a lot better

I'm starting to feel human again... The nausea is fading... And I can actually go around at work and at home without making sure I'm carrying snack food around with me.

It's kind of scary to not feel sick anymore... It makes me worry if the pregnancy is still going okay... You know, the normal mommy worries that come with the territory.

My next doctor's appointment is a week from Friday -- we delayed it a week so Randy would be in town for the big heartbeat appointment. I'm hoping to record the sound and post it to the web!


The Cat's Out of the Bag

So in the last couple of weeks, we've gone public with all of this exciting baby talk.

Baby Z is making her or his little self known more and more every day. I already moved to pregnancy pants... Just because it's more comfortable. I think the baby bump is more obvious to me than anyone else... But that's okay.

I told my parents while we were in Maine. I announced it with a gift of a baby picture frame that read: "Coming January 2006" There were lots of smiles and hugs.

The morning/night sickness got worse in the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping now that we're very close to the end of the first trimester that the ickies will slow down and go away. There's nothing worse than running around during breaking news and trying to hold back nausea. Yuck!

We still haven't told Cameron. But last weekend, he found a baby bib we bought in Maine. He asked me if it was his for when he gets little. I told him he'd never get little again... So he was confused and kept asking questions. But he got distracted and we moved on. We still have 29 weeks to go... I'd rather not make him wait as long as we do.


The Truth Starts Coming Out

So last week, we told Uncle Barry... Because it's fun to tell these things in person. We decided we'd tell my parents first... But then Randy's parents decided to come into town and visit.

We decided being able to tell both sets of parents in person would be fun.

So last night we broke the news to Randy's family... And Randy's mom did this dance... All I can say is it was obviously a grandma dance. Why was she so excited? One, she likes grandkids. And two, Barry had a conversation with her saying that he didn't think we were going to have any more kids. So she was really disappointed earlier that day. It was fun.

Yesterday we had a baby shower for our main anchor. I showed Cam how she had a baby in her belly... But I don't think Cam really understood what the heck I was talking about. I did ask him what his favorite type of baby is: Girl baby or boy baby. He response: A Cameron baby.




It's how the whole process goes. I'm sore and pretty tired. But I'm plugging away. The newsroom is full of germs and I've already picked up my first cold which I don't plan on medicating.


Oh well. We're still excited about it all.


Emotional drama

So I forgot to make the biggest announcement: The crazy overly emotional pregnant Jen is back.

Here's the story: Dudley ran away. He didn't just run up the street, he ran into the woods and I couldn't find him for 30 minutes. That's when I lost it and had to call Randy to help. I started thinking about what life would be without Dudley and I didn't like the picture.

So we drove all over the place. I started showing pictures of Dud to neighbors. Then I just about gave up and went back home.

I had left a bowl of food in the back yard... So I picked it up and shook it around. And who comes running through the woods? Dudley.

That's not a big deal, right? Well even if I had gotten upset about that without a pregnancy... With this baby, I couldn't let it go. I was burnt for the rest of the day. All kinds of other topics set me off for the rest of the day. My eyes were all red and swollen all day. I got weepy during my drive to work. It sucked.

The funny thing was how wonderful Randy was about it all. He told me I have to deal with the physical challenges of pregnancy... While he has to deal with my crazy emotions. He's been through it before... And he's wonderful to understand and remember enough to just pat my hand and smile. Good guy. I love him.


New clothing choices

Earlier this week I was late for work... Grabbed a dress and threw it on. I was running around grabbing everything I need for work when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror: You can already see a little belly sticking out of that dress.

I was late for work because I couldn't find something else to wear.

Last night was one of the many parties that come with the station. I was the only person who wasn't drinking. It was painfully obvious. The nice thing was my boss asked me if it was okay if he grabbed a beer. That was nice. By the way -- He knows early because it was our joke when we all got back from Vegas that Randy and I were pregnant. I told him when it was true so he wouldn't keep joking about it.


Anyway. We were at a skating rink... So I couldn't skate. It's a big pregnancy no-no. It was a bummer. I'm always willing to jump on the skates and look like a fool. Oh well. Maybe in a couple of years.

I have to go figure out another outfit for today. Who knows how long that could take.


First visit

I went to the doctor's office for the first time yesterday. It was really just a "get to know you" visit. We talked about what the office provides, the hospital and all those healthy things you need to do. I found out the little belly I already have is actually a normal thing... Once you've stretched out for a baby, the body remembers much quicker. Oh well. So I'll be huge a lot sooner than with Cam.

So I went out with my students last night and drank 2 pretend vodka tonics... That is, a highball glass with sprite and a lime. I'm sure that will be cause for rumor later when they all find out I was pregnant at the time.

I'm excited. And it's hard to remind myself you need to be skeptical about a pregnancy until you reach 12 weeks. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant at this point... But with a little belly, I feel connected quicker. I can't seem to distance myself as well as last time. That's kind of scary. If things work out, the office thinks my due date is January 3. So whatever it is, it's certainly around the first week of January.

My next doctor's appointment is in two and a half weeks. I'll be around 2 months pregnant at that point.


Baby Z should get some blog space too

So... I'm starting a blog for a baby I'm calling 'Z.' We have reasons for that name... But my public reason is because this will be our last one. Cameron deserves a sibling... Z arrived a little sooner than we expected, but I don't mind.

Every kid should get space in the blogosphere... My second one should get in on it just like Cam.

We've spent this week giggling about another kid. This one would arrive in the first or second week of January 2006. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. I have all kinds of feelings going on at the same time... A little surprise to see Z here so soon, and excitement to get our family to the number four (unless there's a Baby Y that we don't know about).

I'm a little sore, dizzy... But I'm not throwing up. But it is graduation next week... And it will be tricky to walk around at all of the parties and make up stories why I'm not drinking. Oy.

I figured I'd keep a blog so family members can visit and see how things are going... They don't know yet. But when they do, they can come here and check out Z's progress.