I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


32 Months Old!!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks as I transition into a new role at work and we snuck in a weekend trip to St. Louis. The kids got to see their uncle AND enjoy the Magic House and the Zoo. Jordan is still talking about the animals - especially the penguins.

I was looking at the calendar and this month has just flown by. In the last month, we've seen Jordan grow in some ways and regress dramatically in others. From watching Jordan's development and mood, we're using her prosthetic only with therapy. I know our original prosthetic company would disagree with this decision, but she's so unhappy using the arm. I started talking to a new pediatric prosthetic expert in Chicago and it looks like we'll probably meet up with him when he returns from the Paralympics in China. We're talking about using a body powered prosthetic for now and return to myoelectrics when she gets older and has needs that a myo can help with. He and I are talking about how we'll target the things Jordan wants to do that a prosthetic can do. Our targets right now: riding a bike and playing sports like baseball and basketball with her brother.

We've had some interesting challenges at the end of Jordan's 32nd month. She got to stay in her class for the new school year but there's one new teacher and many new classmates. It's apparently thrown Jordan for a loop. She's back to clinging to me during the morning drop off and she's forgotten how to use the bathroom. We're talking really forgotten. We're talking not just pee. We're talking about DISGUSTING. I remember Cameron having weeks where we had a bag of messy clothes every day, but we never had this gross problem. I'm not sure how to get her back on track, so we're walking around the house without underwear again and I'm trying to decide if we should return to diapers or just full commando. I'm stumped.


"My face is broke"

So Jordan wakes up in a bright and cheery mood. She woke up an hour later than usual and I thought that was a little strange... So I took the boy to school by himself while Randy stayed at home. So when I come in, I hug Jordan and take her to the bathroom. Along the way, she told me "my face is broke." I didn't think that made any sense and gave her a big smooch.

A little later I brushed her hair out of her face to find: A BLACK EYE! Oh man. It's nasty. That strangest part? I'd ask Jordan what happened and she'd respond: "I not know."


Tonight she told me she was bouncing on her bed when it happened. My theory is she hurt her face while she was bouncing on her bed and slammed her face into the crib. It's more reason to snag one of our anchor's daughter's white twin poster bed!! Fewer slots for Jordan to faceplant!


Special Exposure Wednesday

I mentioned I took the kids hiking this past weekend... This was the first time I really let Jordan hike along with her brother an I. We started with her in the backpack, but she didn't stay in there for long. She really held her own and I was very proud. The trail was really bumpy and she never fell down. We even climbed into a cave. That's when I took this picture. She's standing on a rock even though you can't really see any proof that she's in a cave!
5 Minutes for Special Needs


A couple of videos from our weekend hiking trip

I've been consumed with work this week... So I haven't been able to post about Jordan enough. She's been talking up a storm and it's pretty great.

Here's Jordan and Cameron yelling into an old silo. SO funny.

Making noise from NerdyMom on Vimeo.

Here's my attempt at interviewing Jordan about hiking as she hiked -- note the little comment from Cam right at the end. Very sweet.

They love hiking from NerdyMom on Vimeo.


Special Exposure Wednesday

I mentioned in an earlier post, but I wanted to share Jordan's happiness while she danced during a school event this past weekend. She is so into music and dancing... The joy in her eyes is so worth the knowledge that I will have years of buying dance recital outfits and expensive classes.
5 Minutes for Special Needs


Vacation memory: Playing in the sand

I'm finally finding time here and there to look through the little snippets of video I gathered during our vacation. Here's a moment of Jordan playing in the sand - She was already COVERED in sand and she made sure she added a new layer:

That's my brother in the background reacting to the sand in Jordan's mouth. I love how she just momentarily recognized that her mouth might taste of sand and went right back to work playing.

Today we played in the water in our backyard. Jordan's been very hesitant about water spraying at her. This was the first time I found her giggling and enjoying herself with our skim board pool. She jumped, she splashed and she even walked through the sprayers.

It's so funny how the little things bring so much joy. I seriously want to go upstairs where she's sleeping and just give her a big smooch (but I wouldn't dare chance at waking her).


My dancer performs again

Jordan's school holds a summer luau picnic every summer. It's kind of a way to celebrate the end of the year - a lot of kids are about to move on to elementary school and others are about to move into new classrooms. What I like about it is the chance to win a tuition discount in a raffle (didn't win this year) and the kids get to perform for the parents.

Jordan had a blast!

I even set up a play date for Jordan and one of her school friends for next weekend. I haven't really done much of that yet for Jordan so that should be cool. I got to get to know a few parents through Cameron's friendships who I treasure. I look forward to hanging out with new grown ups!!

I have to get more serious about finding the girl her next prosthetic. My physical therapist has tipped me off on a new option. Her contact is out of the office until Monday so we'll see what I can find out. My life is going to get more complicated at work very soon... So I'd love to have this process underway as soon as possible.