I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


32 Months Old!!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks as I transition into a new role at work and we snuck in a weekend trip to St. Louis. The kids got to see their uncle AND enjoy the Magic House and the Zoo. Jordan is still talking about the animals - especially the penguins.

I was looking at the calendar and this month has just flown by. In the last month, we've seen Jordan grow in some ways and regress dramatically in others. From watching Jordan's development and mood, we're using her prosthetic only with therapy. I know our original prosthetic company would disagree with this decision, but she's so unhappy using the arm. I started talking to a new pediatric prosthetic expert in Chicago and it looks like we'll probably meet up with him when he returns from the Paralympics in China. We're talking about using a body powered prosthetic for now and return to myoelectrics when she gets older and has needs that a myo can help with. He and I are talking about how we'll target the things Jordan wants to do that a prosthetic can do. Our targets right now: riding a bike and playing sports like baseball and basketball with her brother.

We've had some interesting challenges at the end of Jordan's 32nd month. She got to stay in her class for the new school year but there's one new teacher and many new classmates. It's apparently thrown Jordan for a loop. She's back to clinging to me during the morning drop off and she's forgotten how to use the bathroom. We're talking really forgotten. We're talking not just pee. We're talking about DISGUSTING. I remember Cameron having weeks where we had a bag of messy clothes every day, but we never had this gross problem. I'm not sure how to get her back on track, so we're walking around the house without underwear again and I'm trying to decide if we should return to diapers or just full commando. I'm stumped.


BethGo said...

I'm thinking of getting rid of the myo for now too. It's too heavy and too clunky and Riley hates it.
I still try to get him to wear it for a couple hours a day but he doesn't love it. He's just humoring me at this point. And we actually found that the passive helped him more with things like riding his bike and trike. Go figure.

Does your former company know that you are not using them?
They called me a while back and were obviously disappointed that we were not continuing with them. I felt badly about it.

Jenni Thomas said...

Kids like to throw loopholes into our lives..huh! hope Jordan gets back on track soon. Wanted to say Hi and let you know that Sammy and I are doing well. he is almost 11 months old!!! I have wanted to e-mail you for awhile now but can't find my link to your email adddress. if you have time... drop me an e-mail and I will link you up with pics of Sam.
Jenni Thomas (and baby Sam, missing right hand)

twin power mommy said...

Potty training is so hard.

I am not sure what method to use with Eli.
With the girls they were just so much older and pretty much ready to be trained.
Eli doesn't seem to show any interest still.

Perhaps going back to basics with Jordan is the best thing. She's needing to start over with her training. Did you ever use training diapers, or did you just go immediately to the commando style?
I was curious to try the nakie butt, but my hubby was afraid of potty accidents all over our carpet. Hmmmm??? any suggestions on that approach?