I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


Good appointment for Jordan and I

We had another appointment with the doctor today... We're finally at the point where we need to go every two weeks. I've gained weight... a lot of it is water from all of my travels. I'm hoping to lose some of that when I go back in another two weeks.

Anyway. The heartbeat is strong -- she can't avoid the doppler anymore. There isn't any room to hide anymore. We talked about her placement -- and my doctor said it seemed very obvious that where the heart is, Jordan is head down and VERY low. (Like I didn't know that)

After the standard question and answer period, I started shooting out some questons about what I was hearing about the hospital where I plan to deliver the baby. I had heard that every woman who is in labor is require to wear a port in her arm just in case they need to give her an IV. I won't do that. I just won't. I had Cameron without an IV or the need for an IV. I don't need to bruise the hell out of my arm JUST IN CASE. I told that to my doctor, and she kept asking me to do it. She couldn't convince me. So at least she told me how to sign a waver on that issue and how she'll put information on how I do not want the port in my documents so the hospital knows I won't do it.

I'd also heard that the babies are immediately taken from the mother after birth to go to the warming table. I want the baby cleaned off on my belly and given to me for breastfeeding. I think that's really important to help the body naturally get rid of the placenta. I'd heard they like to give women a shot of pitocen instead. I don't want that. My doctor supported my desire... And we discussed how I would accomplish that. It's all about the nurse I get. Apparently the evening nurses are more open to delivering the baby and placing her on the mother's belly.

So it's very obvious that my birth plan is very, very important. My doctor also said she would try to attend the birth -- she'll put the request for the hospital to page her when I'm in labor. Who knows what will happen. Randy and I agree that it would be more likely she'll be there if Jordan arrives around the due date. If she's early, lord knows who will attend the birth. We'll have to team up together to fight for what we want.

Sad that you have to fight... But I'm not fully open to the idea of going to a birth center. I want a hospital environment for the possible "worst case scenario" but I don't expect we'll need that. I didn't realize how relatively progressive the hospital was in Grand Rapids.


Wow, that's a lot of movement

So Jordan is rocking and rolling in there... I wish I could figure out what is really moving around in there. I think she's in a similar position to where Cam was -- butt up with her back against the wall of my belly. And if that's the case... She's got a lot to say with her hands. She's moving a lot. So much that I can't sleep like I used to. If I get up to go to the bathroom, she wakes up and I'm up for a while because I can't sleep with her dancing and grooving.

I have 10 more weeks to go. That's a lot of time to be sleep deprived.

Good thing I'm a pro at sleep deprevation.


Bathroom visits on the rise

So... I got up 3 times through the night to visit the bathroom. We have 2 months to go and I'm already missing a lot of sleep. Bummer.

Cameron wanted to climb into bed around 5:50 this morning... The pregnant lady wasn't going to allow that one. I was actually so tired, that I had Randy feed the boy so I could sleep a few minutes longer.

Sleep. Glorious sleep. I look forward to getting it again next year sometime.


No more trips for me

I'm so happy to be done with all this flying. My ankles are finally looking human again. I'm exhausted and annoyed from this last trip.

Unfortunately, this whole trip has put me in a sour mood... And I am not digging out of it. I am really behind on the new (and not live) website at work and I'm not probably keeping watch on our old (and currently the only one the public sees) site.


Jordan has been moving around in new ways today. I think she finally stretched out a bit. I've had pain exactly in the same place where Cameron used to stretch and stick his butt out. I'm wondering if she's doing a similar thing.

I do know I'm tired and I have a long 11 more weeks to go. So i'm going to work on resting a bit more and staying home more often so I'm not so tired.


The attack of the killer cankles

Have you ever heard of cankles? It happens when your calf merges with your ankles... And you don't know when one starts and the other finishes.

I've had them before... After our trip to Austin. Well, i have them again here in Orlando... And it's disgusting. I propped them up during a lot of yeterday -- and it still wasn't enough to bring them down.

To make matters worse, I'm heading back on a plane today. So I'll have to deal with this problem getting worse before it gets better. What a bummer.

The upside? I carried onto the plane two HUGE carry-on bags on my way here. I'm only carrying one back with me (HOORAY!). So my travel hom will be a lot easier.


Crazy lady isn't as crazy

Randy and I were talking recently when he realized I'm not as crazy as I was during the last pregnancy. He says he spent a lot of time talking me of the ceiling. I'm just not that crazy this time around.

At least I have that to be proud of.

There's nothing cute about me

So we took Cam to ride on his first homecoming parade... And I was not graceful. Not only was I wearing a really large gold sweatshirt (I was joking that I looked like a large glowing orb), but I fell out of the float when we were getting off. I didn't fall down hard... A kind man was helping me off... But I couldn't stay upright. He kindly guided me down to the ground as slowly as possible. My hips are a little sore and I have a bruise on the back of my leg. But this fall was nothing like the spill I took on the ice when I was pregnant with Cam.

Oh... And the doctor's office called a couple of days ago saying I have iron levels that are a bit low... So I'm taking iron supplements and hopefully I can boost that up. Obviously, I've been tired. At least I have a better idea why -- the combination of a bladder infection and low iron really leave me tired. I will survive.


Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Jordan is on the move. That girl can go! And here's the coolest news of the weeek:

Two mornings ago, Randy finally felt a really big kick or two. That made me very happy.


As Cam says: "Oh Bummer!!"

So I had another doctor's appointment... From now on, we're on the every two weeks schedule.
So, the appointment was going really well... Jordan was avoiding the doppler thing that listens to her heart. She is very healthy, I gained very little weight this past month. And just as we were wrapping things up, it turns out... I have a bladder infection. Bummer. I'd felt a little wierd in the last day or so... SO I'm guessing that's what was wrong. So now I'm doing what I don't like to do while pregnant: take drugs. Hopefully the low-dose antibiotic will do the trick and everything will clear up.

The upside of the day: I'm about to head out of work and hit my yoga class!! Hooray.


Pacifier report confuses me

So there's this new study and recommendation released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They're saying the use of pacifiers in bed cuts the risk of SIDS by 61%. I'm torn here. I really don't like the idea of Jordan becoming dependent on a little plastic thing... But at the same time, the idea of actually preventing SIDS in any way seems like an important idea.

I'm so confused. And tired. And so glad that tomorrow is a yoga day.



Starting to get tired

Today is officially the day I can really say the baby is three months away.

Last weekend, I started working through all of Cam's old baby clothes... And started setting Jordan's room up. The drawers are starting to get full... And I've decided I'll need some headbands and bows with blue on it... Because there are some really cool outfits that are blue.

Cam is curious about the room... And periodically takes toys out of there.

I've handed out three or six bags of clothes to new parents and parents-to-be in the world of KOMU. They're all excited. Here's the interesting thing: I still have a ton of clothes to donate. I can't believe how well dressed Cameron was.