I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


Strange little moment

I had a crazy day... The kind of day when you wake up you don't want to get up but if you don't everything will just get crazier. Jordan had a meeting at our house that was followed by an appointment for both dogs at the vet that was followed by a gathering where I was helping set up a computer system. I had no time to go from one place to the other let alone get Jordan to school!

So Jordan "helped" me take the dogs to the vet. I've avoided taking the dogs together for a number of years. I had no choice since we're in the middle of what I'm now fondly calling "Flea Drama 2008." I'll just say I've never had to vacuum so much and I've never combed out our fuzzy dog Dudley as much as I have during all of this. Anyway, when we first got there, a young boy (older than Cameron) jumped up and seemed to be staring at the dogs. I figured he wanted to pet them, but I was concerned about controlling the dogs and keeping him safe (you never know) so I moved past him quickly. But later as I was rescheduling ANOTHER flea check appointment, the boy walked up to me. I expected him to ask to pet the dogs. But instead he asked what happened "to that little girl's arm." He pointed at Jordan who was trying to "walk" our pug Bubba around the hallway (she was doing pretty well for a small kid and a strong 23 pound dog). The boy was obviously developmentally delayed in some way... It didn't really matter. He was just curious. He was obviously confused when I told him that's how Jordan was born. Just another of those moments when you're just going about your day and forget there's something a little different about Jordan.

By the way, Jordan has named Bubba "Bubby." She loves to walk around and pat him gently, but Bubba is a little unsure about the love. She's always so proud when she can give him attention.


twin power mommy said...

Pugs are such patient dogs. We had a pug when i was in high school and i LOVED him. He was so kind and gentle with my twins when they were little and didn't quite know better. We would go to my dad's house to visit and "rory" (the dog) would be so good to the girls. For not seeing them al the time, he never growled or barked at them inappropriately.
Miss that little guy...
Still love that pic of Jordan in her blue dress on the side there.
She's so cute!

mrbjbb said...

You're a brave woman to take two dogs to the vet at once! But it sounds like Jordan was a good helper! :-) Sorry to hear about the flea drama...I'm sure you'll be glad to get that resolved!!

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

soo behind on blogs!

you are a brave woman! i gave up on taking both dogs anywhere a long time ago (they literally dragged me on pavment the last time!)

hope all is well!!!