I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


The joy of failure

Jordan completed her developmental test today. She was on the edge of failure because she really doesn't have much of a range of motion when it comes to her head strength. She's really good at holding it up, but she does not like to turn her head much. It's amazing the things that happen to the body when you're missing the majority of an arm.

But, she's a sweetie. She was so exhausted yesterday. She didn't get to sleep anywhere close to what she's supposed to sleep because I had to take her to OT. Not to mention, I don't think she's used to falling asleep in a room that has a light on and has babies crying, screaming, talking, babbling and cooing almost constantly. She'll get there. The most incredible thing is how she is still sleeping through the night. She's a very, very good baby.

It's strange how we are rooting on her failing these developmental tests. The gut of my stomach is so sad. But my brain understands that this is only temporary. We're going to be able to help her live a very normal and comfortable life. But Jan, Jordan's PT says this is the perfect window to show a developmental delay. Once she's able to sit up, the delay won't be as big. And since we're trying to get into a state-run program that will only take her with a 50% delay, this is the best time. By next week, she will be able to fall into that category.

So as we fail, she is making big strides. During her OT yesterday, she could roll onto her belly if we placed her on her side. She did not show any sign of pain... So we're guessing the screams on previous tummy times were just because she was mad.

I other news, I'm going to boost my street cred as a Mommy next week when we become the owners of a minivan. Randy's parents found a deal and they're going to help us afford it. I'm touched by their kindness. We are very fortunate. And I'm going to hand off the hot rod car that is so fun to drive. I think life with the minivan will really fit our new life with two kids.

I'm happy we're finally at the weekend. Randy and I are planning to go out on a date. Our 8th anniversary was 4 days ago. So we have a babysitter coming to the house and we're going to do something. Maybe dinner. Maybe a movie. Who knows.

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Baker said...

Man, time flies! Eight years. Congratulations! I hope you guys had fun celebrating. You sure deserve it.