I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


Jordan's New World

You know I'm lucky Jordan has these huge eyes and expressions and the love of cuddles. She's already getting so much love and affection from her new care takers. I drop her off late and pick her up later than most of the babies, so she gets extra one-on-one time because of that. I've spent a good amount of time in the room with the babies since Jordan started since I feed her once a day. Yesterday I analyzed what these babies can do. It's incredible what little babies learn in such a short time.

Jordan is already making friends! Okay, I'm just making friends with the babies' Mommies... But here's a picture of Jordan with her new friend Lily. Jordan and Lily don't know this, but Jordan's been wearing Lily's little baby clothes. Her Mommy has been very kind with the hand-me-downs. Anyway, it's cool to see the two of them hanging out.

This morning, Jordan woke up sleeing sideways in her crib. It's the first time she's physically changed positions in her bed. Cam would move all over the place from a very young age. I'm excited that Jordan's movement means she's starting to leverage her legs some more and get us a little closer to possibly rolling over.

We're doing OT today in the afternoon. I'll probably take her back to school after that to crash after an hour or so of exercise. That's exhausting stuff.

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