I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Jordan was born with a little arm that didn't grow like most babies. Her left arm stopped just above the elbow. Now I'm committed to making sure Jordan gets everything out of life. We feel blessed to be the parents of a very special little girl.


Teeth talk

Miss Jordan had her first dentist appointment today. Very exciting stuff. She did a pretty good job and the dentist said Jordan's teeth are getting closer to coming in. She's 20 months old tomorrow! 20 months! It's due time she gets those teeth don't you think?

She was exhausted when we got to school... But she only slept for 40 minutes.

So by the time we got home, she was a wreck and I still had to cook dinner. She was in FULL meltdown. I held as strong as I could to not run out of the house screaming. But I kept it together.

That picture is officially my first photo to post from my new phone. I finally got the iPhone. I'm LOVING it. I'm also more connected to my world than ever before. It's so damned easy to read email, respond to voicemail, text messages... All of it. It's nerdy. But it's awesome.

BTW, I noticed blogger is offering the chance to upload video directly into blogs. So I had to give it a try. Here's Jordan being a monkey during our vacation.

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